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Advice and Reflection

An ISA-HS alumni who went abroad to Spain in 2014 reflects on her nervousness and thoughts before the program, and gives advice for students preparing to embark on their own adventures this summer.

Molly Blog 2“The day is fast approaching, pretty soon I will be saying my last goodbyes and heading off to live life in Spain. I have to say that I am FREAKING OUT. As the countdown gets closer and closer to the big day (July 2nd!) I still can’t even begin to comprehend that I will soon be leaving the country for a while; the idea terrifies me and excites me at the same time which results in a grand slam of nerves (AKA I’M FREAKING OUT). The program coordinators have sent out orientation packets, contact lists, flight itineraries, and host family information and each time a new document is released, my nerves escalate to to a whole new level. I have been given so much information about the program and country but I still can’t help but feel like a complete foreigner. But nerves aside, the fast-approaching departure date has made me realize how amazing this opportunity really will be, and how excited I am to immerse myself in this awesome culture.

Molly Blog 1If this sounds anything like you, get ready, buckle up, because you are about to embark on the most amazing experience of your life. The friends you will meet, your loving host family, and the amazing cultural experiences will leave you “Spain Deprived” [after the program] like me. So to help soothe your nerves, here is some extremely valuable advice: BRING COMFORTABLE SHOES. Other than that, get ready for the beautiful scenery on your walk to class and the delicious granizada (frozen lemonade) that is so tactfully placed halfway between your home and the school; Spain is about to rock your world.

The above post was contributed by Molly Murphy, who went studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain in 2014. Molly is currently a Global Ambassador for ISA High School.

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