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Adventures at the Zoo

After a week of working with the adorable children of La Carpio, it was time to take a little detour – to the zoo! Immediately upon entering the Rescate Animal Zooave, the children’s faces lit up with surprise. Each volunteer was assigned one child to walk around with, and I was paired with a 9-year-old girl named Jody. Although she was extremely shy, she told me her favorite animal was a turtle and whenever she saw one she would point with great enthusiasm Regardless of the fact that she has two of her own, she thought the ones at the zoo were especially interesting.

Exotic animals ranging from frightening snakes to colorful toucans were displayed, making it unlike any other zoo I have been to. It was clear that the primary concern was to create a stable and suitable habitat, explaining why there were primarily only local species to see.

Lilian Blog 2

It was truly intriguing to attempt to communicate in Spanish and learn about a new culture by being with the kids, all while enjoying the great biodiversity of Costa Rica. By the end of the morning, the gratitude and exceptional happiness was clear from the huge smiles plastered smiles on the children’s faces, which was absolutely priceless. Overall, it was a humbling experience to see how such a simple excursion could mean so much to these children.

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– The above post was contributed by Lilian Sasso who went abroad with ISA High School on a Global Impact (volunteer program) to Costa Rica in 2014.

For more information on the Rescate Animal Zooave, check out their website at:
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