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Classes in Granada

School in Granada is a unique experience unlike no other. The teachers only speak Spanish and the majority of the students are older than me. Making friends can be challenging at first, but the learning experience makes it all worth while. Not just the learning and understanding of the Spanish language, but the learning of new cultures from different people around the school and how different societies are similar, and how they are different.

The diversity of the classes can be seen in the different styles of clothing, the different accents, and the different flow of personalities throughout the school. The classes have a perfect balance of difficulty, not too hard or too easy.

Having fun while learning seems to be the biggest objective for these teachers, and it shows! We play fun games, but at the same time we still have homework like regular school, and we still learn, but we learn in the most fun way possible. The school has a beauty to it, the diversity of all different styles blended into one learning center; one second home for all types of students.

– The above post was contributed by William Dollar, who studied abroad with ISA High School in 2014 in Granada, Spain. Photo contribution by Claire Lohn, Granada Spain (2014).

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