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5 Reasons to Love Costa Rica

#1: FOOD: The food in Costa Rica is beyond compare! A Costa Rican breakfast starts your day off like no other. In what other country does one eat rice and beans for breakfast! The authentic coffee that is produced right here in the country is amazing too! Most of all, my favorite is the fruit. Every single type of fruit is juicier and tastier here in Costa Rica. It’s the home of nature’s candy.

#2: NATURE: Have you ever walked down your street or on the beach and were surrounded by exotic plants and beautiful butterflies fluttering all around you? Well I have, in Costa Rica. It’s amazing how beautiful the trees and mountains are, and how many different types of animals reside in such a small country. The biodiversity that lies in the gorgeous country of Costa Rica is astounding.

#3: TICOS: Ticos are the greatest people ever. They are all so friendly and calm and full of life! Always smiling and full of love, my entire Tica family has been so amazing to me and my roommate so far! I talk to my Tica brother and sister for hours at a time about anything that’s on my mind or if I am simply bored. My mama Tica treats us so well, and she is an amazing cook.

#4: PRIDE AND UNITY: Even though Costa Rica is such a small country, their pride and unity as a country is so immense. When Costa Rica beat Greece to move onto Quarter Finals during the World Cup, the entire country came together to celebrate their victory like no other country I have seen before. The pride that persisted among the Costa Ricans as they celebrated and united together was beautiful.

#5: PURA VIDA: The phrase “Pura Vida” means “Pure Life” which perfectly sums up the vibe that Costa Rica and its residents give off. Everyone is so happy and full of life and it is an outstanding atmosphere to be surrounded in. The purity and free spirit that Ticos obtain rubs off onto others, making the entire country pure too.

– The above post was contributed by Eden Shemuelian, who went abroad to Heredia, Costa Rica in the summer of 2014 with ISA High School.

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