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First Days in China

In the short 72 hours that we’ve been in Shanghai, ISA has already taken us to at least four of the city’s most famous historical landmarks, including the Bund, Yue Garden, The People’s Square/Marriage market, and the Pearl Tower! Also on top of that, we’ve already started our intensive Chinese study program with two great teachers. Let me tell you, they weren’t joking when they said the program would be INTENSE.


ISA High School participants demonstrating their new skills.

Although I am in the beginner class as opposed to the intermediate one, we still get homework and class work to do even after the instructor has finished their lesson. I guess all this practice is going to make perfect in terms of our Chinese abilities, right? If that’s the case, my Chinese is going to be super good by the end of this trip!

From what I’ve done/seen so far, I’m expecting great things from China. Every new day is like a pleasant surprise, because you never know what to expect! One moment you could just be chilling in the dorm doing some homework, but the very next one you could be riding a bullet train, or on the next flight out to Beijing to explore the Great Wall. This program has provided me, as well as many of my peers,with once in a lifetime opportunities to see things or do things new to us. I’m definitely looking forward to the days to come!

– The above post was contributed by Christian Ong, who studied abroad in Shanghai, China with ISA High School in 2014.

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