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Clase de Cocina

Picture2014 066Today we watched Quique make a paella, which is a traditional dish of Valencia. He had all the ingredients laid out on the table outside of the ISA building. He had a big pan and started putting in the ingredients in order of how long it took to cook them. He started with the peppers and calamari. There were a lot of vegetables and seafood including: mussels, shrimp, artichoke, green beans, clams, lima beans, tomatoes, and rice. He then added a special spice called saffron, which is very expensive in the United States, and it turned the dish yellow.

Once the ingredients were all together, he had to find the perfect balance between water and broth so it wouldn’t burn. It smelled so good while he was cooking it and we could not wait to eat it. Quique said that you can add anything you want in paella, so he didn’t use a recipe. After all of that, he stopped stirring it to allow the bottom to burn, which adds more flavor. He then covered the pan with paper and allowed the rice to absorb the liquid. We all ate some of the dish with bread and water. It was delicious and full of flavor. We can’t wait to go home and try to make it for our families!

– The above post was contributed by Jodie Chan, Taléa Johnson, and Soleil Hallig, who studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain in 2014.

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