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Picturesque Weekend in the South of France

For one of our weekend excurions, our group traveled to both Avignon and Cassis. Avignon is a beautiful city in which the Popes resided in the late 14th century. After an informative tour of the Palais des Papes, we were free to explore Avignon as we pleased. In the middle of our lunch, a group of performers in medieval dress began a short skit right in front of us. Our curiosity having been spiked, we decided to adventure around the rest of Avignon and were not disappointed. All around us, street performers showed off their talents, which ranged from dancing to magic tricks. We were so interested that we lost track of time! After running to the bus, we made traveled to the Pont du Gard, where we swam in the beautiful (albeit freezing) water.

exc_cassis_cc linseyt


Cassis (pictured above) was equally as impressive as Avignon. We spent the entire afternoon lazing about on the picturesque beach before taking a boat ride around the bay. Although we got soaked from the front of the boat, we got to see sights I never knew could be so breathtaking. I hope I get to return to both of those places sometime in my life!

– The above post was contributed by Alexis Ferrante who experienced Avignon and Cassis while on a weekend excursion with ISA High School. She studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence in 2014.

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