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No Car? No Problem.

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When you are abroad, you might think it will be difficult to get around without a car. Shanghai is a very big city and you might afraid that you will be stuck on campus. Luckily, the city has a great public transportation system that is relatively cheap and convenient.

Buses– 2 RMB* per ride. It is an upfront fee- whether you travel one stop or twenty stops, it will only cost 2 RMB.

Subway– The subway can take you anywhere around the city. You pay based on distance. The average price for my trips were anywhere from 2-6 RMB.

Taxi– This is probably the quickest way to get around. You pay an upfront fee of about 13 RMB and then pay per kilometer. Prices vary. It is still relatively cheap compared to prices to travel around the city in America.

Walking– Walking is free! There are so many places nearby campus to observe and try. There are shops, malls, restaurants, etc. Shanghai is huge, and there is stuff to do everywhere. You really do not need to travel halfway across the city to have fun!

*There are approximately 6 Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB) to 1 US dollar.

– The above post was contributed by Matt Schau, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Shanghai, China in 2014.

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