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Homestay Experiences in Spain

Shreya Patel Granada 2

I wasn’t nervous about coming to Spain and living in a country I had never been to before. However, I was nervous about meeting my home stay mom and being able to understand and converse with her. All of those worries were put to rest the minute Matilde, our home stay mom, welcomed my best friend and I into her home.

Being vegetarian, the meals at our household were quite different than the others. To say that our host mom is a good cook is an understatement. I may not know the names of all the dishes she prepared, but you can call them all delicious.

Once I became more comfortable with living with Matilde in Granada, the conversations became easier to have. I loved my room and hearing the different music and conversations outside my window. Coming from a small city in Florida, the hustle and bustle of Granada was something I was not used to. It added to the whole experience of being in another city and in another country. After two weeks of school and excursions on the weekend, calling this house “home” just seems natural. Staying with Matilda has made this trip enjoyable and was a true learning experience.

– The above post was contributed by Shreya Patel, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Granada, Spain in 2014.

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  1. Grace #

    Wow! What a great writer! She must have an amazing best friend that inspires her creative and adventurous side. She’s one lucky chick!

    December 12, 2014

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