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Taking a cold dip in Lake Titicaca

One of our last excursions was to Puno, the city outside of Lake Titicaca. This was a particularly amazing experience because we were introduced to many different cultures while exploring the lake. The first stop on our boat ride was to the floating islands. Here we learned how exactly these islands were built and the unique qualities that make up their village. It was amazing how different their daily lives were compared to ours and I was jealous of their simple life style.

We also visited a “non floating” island called Taquili. Here we were served a traditional meal and we were able to see all of the traditional clothing that the locals wear. On our way back we all took a nap in the sun and prepared for the long trip back home. Some of us even jumped into the freezing cold Peruvian lake! We made it back to Puno just in time to catch the last part of the final World Cup game; Argentina vs Germany! Over all, our trip was extremely fun and educational, and one I will never forget.

-The above post was contributed by Taylor Garner. Taylor participated on the ISA High School Global Impact program in Cusco, Peru in 2014.

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