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Weekend Excursion in Lagos

As soon as we arrived in Lagos we fell in love.  The city is so rasta themed and everything there reminded me of Bob Marley.  The people there were so relaxed and easy-going and it made me feel so at home.  They spoke English, Spanish, French, and obviously Portuguese and I really appreciated the cultural diversity.  There were so many shops with very authentic looking jewelry and accessories and my heart twinged with anxiety because of the excitement over it all.

We went on a boat ride and jumped into freezing cold water that we were only able to stand because our bodies went numb. We explored the caves and were able to make out different shapes, such as an elephant. On our way back we had some free time in which we wandered into a Japanese restaurant, food that we all missed. Unfortunately the waiter did not know English or Spanish and so we used all kinds of gestures and google translate to communicate but to little avail.  Finally, another man that could speak English came and we placed our orders.  I was completely in bliss, the noodles I got were exactly what I was expecting, and everyone else was just as satisfied.

Later, we drove to the Cape of St. Vincent which was the supposed end of the world when everyone thought the world was flat.  The ambiance there while watching the sunset was nice and they had the most delicious churros I’ve ever had; to this day I still cannot get over them. When it came time to leave the next morning I definitely had a hard time with the idea, but once we got to the beach in where we took surf lessons I developed a new-found love for the beach (as well as surfing and just water sports in general)! The salt water in my nose and mouth only encouraged me to try to catch bigger waves and try standing which was not successful, however still exhilarating! Going back on that bus to Sevilla was distressing but I’ll be back soon to fulfill my life as a surfing hippie.

-The above post was contributed by Anna Jackson Cooper and Ashley Aguilar, who experienced Lagos, Portugal on an excursion during their program with ISA High School in Sevilla, Spain.

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