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“I Will Miss”

Salamanca august

I will miss Spain’s closeness. I will miss the fact that the personal bubble does not exist here. I will miss sleeping from two-thirty to three everyday and the countless cafés that are shining around every corner. I will miss Aquarius with it’s magical healing powers. I will miss my teachers who know little English and who are very caring. The language barrier is thick, but that’s what makes it fun and makes you learn a lot. I will miss Sophia with her cheery smile and warm personality. I will miss going on excursions and seeing things I would never come close to seeing in the United States. I will miss the home stay environment and the subtle differences of living. I will miss the Plaza Mayor. I will miss saying the expression “meet Debajo del reloj”. I will miss spending time after class in the plaza.

Lastly, I will miss the great friends I made on this trip. I will miss the time we spent, the laughs we had, and the connections we made. I will miss you Salamanca. I will miss you Spain I will miss the time we had.

– The following post was contributed by Drake Shepard and Ryker VanDeventer, who participated on an academic program in Salamanca, Spain in 2014.

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