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Two weeks ago we were able to visit the Alcazar. Alcazar is a royal palace that is still used today by the royal family. When we first saw the wall surrounding the palace we thought it was going to be just another old building, but once we entered into the courtyard we realized the true beauty that the palace withholds. We were so mesmerized by all of the wondrous and detailed architecture, that we lost our group. One would think that losing your group in a huge palace would be daunting, but this was the perfect opportunity to explore the winding mazes of the gardens. After making our way through the mazes we found a picturesque koi pound and waterfall. Not able to pass up the opportunity we took a picture. We found the rest of our group in time to finish the remainder of the tour. One aspect of the palace that stood out to us was the gorgeous domed ceilings the structure featured. The amount detail in all of the tile work is amazing. We are so thankful that we got the opportunity to visit such an amazing piece of Spanish history and view the unique architecture it has to offer. Now, every time we pass by the Alcazar we think of what a great time we had touring it´s grounds.

-The above post was contributed by Emily Schofield and Lauren Jeffrey, who studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain with ISA High School in 2014.

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