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5 years of combined ISA High School experience!

With what will be 5 years of combined ISA High School experience, we know through practice how much one can gain from studying abroad. Although traveling with ISA immensely benefited our high school studies, the real reward is found outside the classroom.


With our new found language skills, our understanding of the Spanish language, as well as our confidence in speaking it have substantially improved. While the hours of class that we are given each day provide us with a good base, the cultural immersion is what really allows our skills to flourish.

We would like to thank ISA for the opportunity to spend so much time discovering Spain. Looking back, we can both see the effect that studying abroad has had on us not only academically, but also on all other facets of our lives.

– The above post was contributed by Matthew Guarino and Andrew Donnelly, who most recently studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain in 2014.

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