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One of the most widely recognized elements of Italian cuisine is gelato, and it is safe to say that it is the food item we have eaten the most of during our time abroad in Florence. From ordering gelato as a field trip in our Italian class as a chance to speak Italian with the locals, to grabbing it for breakfast and facing the judging stares of passersby when the fierce craving sets in, gelato is a large part of our daily life. Another predictable Italian staple we have eaten whilst abroad is pasta. One would think that after two weeks and getting pasta nearly everyday sometimes twice a day, that we would grow tired of it, but our love for pasta seems to only multiply with every plate of tagliatelle, ravioli, or lasagna. A question most of us ask ourselves is what we’re going to do when we get home and get the intense craving for Italian gelato but are no longer blessed with having a gelateria every 10 feet. The solution: enjoy and savor as much as we can during our remaining time abroad, experiencing Florence through food.

– The above post was contributed by Catherine Gassiot, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Italy in 2014.

Since I’ve arrived in Firenze, the number one thing I’ve noticed is the quality and quantity of Food around here. Quality of food here seems very fresh as every bite I take has an amazing flavor. I’ve also noticed that every bite I take is an expensive one. Food in Italy is quite expensive and the portions are smaller then in America. For the first week I did some exploring to find a restaurant that has great food and wasn’t to expensive, I then came across “Da Nazone.” Family owned restaurant with great home made pasta and pizza. One big pizza pie costs only 4 Euros. This is also the best pizza I’ve come a cross since I’ve arrived in Firenze. The pizza is made in front of you in a brick oven and it tastes wonderful. After finding this place and eating their everyday since it’s right next to the Hostel we are staying at, I’ve met most of the family and even though they don’t speak any English they love to smile when they see me walk in! It’s great to eat at a restaurant where the service is great, food is great and price is great! That is one thing that many restaurants lack in the United States. I will miss Firenze a lot and all their wonderful food!

– The above blog was contributed by Emile Mathez, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Italy in 2014.

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