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Descending into San Jose

Scarlet Bliss

As I woke up at 4am to leave for my flight on Saturday morning, countless emotions filled my head. I was nervous but excited, trying not to think about leaving my family but instead about what was in store for me when I arrived. Our plane began descending to arrive in San Jose, and my first moment of awe was seeing the mountains. I looked out my plane window, and the sloping hills flew past, with farms along the sides and roads winding between them!  Driving out of San Jose, miniature ponies grazed in the grass alongside the road and people were out walking, laughing and just enjoying themselves. The moment my family met me at Universidad Latina, they were instantly warm, welcoming and friendly. By the end of the afternoon I already felt like I was a part of their daily life, playing soccer with my host sister, watching movies, and drinking delicious fresh squeezed juice made by my host mom! The next day as we were touring the center of Heredia and walking through markets, I would see people all over who were waving to us, playing music, relaxing in parks or enjoying the warm weather. I truly began feeling like I was on “tico time” from the moment I arrived. ¡Este lugar es increíble!

-The above post was contributed by Scarlet Bliss, Costa Rica.

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