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5 Best Things We Did in Spain

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1. 4th of July Party- On the 4th of July our large group all met up with the other Americans in Salamanca and we all went out dancing for the fourth of July. Everyone was screaming “USA” in the streets, and the spirit was so strong.

2. Santander- Santander was a major highlight. We all went surfing on the first day which was an unforgettable experience. The beaches in Santander are amazingly gorgeous and it is a true paradise. Santander is like something you see in the movies. Those two days definitely stood out in the whole trip.

3. Toledo- One of the oldest Gothic Cathedrals in Europe and absolutely gorgeous.  When a cardinal dies, they hand his had above his grave and when it falls his soul is set free. We walked through the streets.  Cobblestone, of course.  The arabic style is expecially strong and full of the eight point stars.

4. Homestay- Rapid fire Spanish is easier to understand as time passes.  Our host mom is amazing, and the food is phenominal.  It´s an interesting way to understand the culture.  Nothing you learn compares to actually experiencing it.

5. Toledo and Santander were two of my favorite excursions that we went on. Toledo was a beautiful city just to your and walk around. The churches were great and touring them and learning about their history made it even better. Santander, of course, had the beach so it was PERFECT for me. The atmosphere of Santander was so welcoming. We had great weather and I had an amazing time walking around and seeing the people. The water was cold but we surfed and swam in it anyways, I mean, we’re in Spain.. Why wouldn’t you get in the water? The views you see in Spain, of all the cities, all the friends you make on these trips, and all the memories you will have and share with these people make this experience amazing. I’ll definitely be studying abroad again. ISA HS and it’s directors have made this trip unforgettable!

The above post was contributed by Dakota Flood, Marianna DelMatto and Niya Terzieva, who studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain during the summer of 2014.

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