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Loving the Spain Life

Not long after arriving in Spain, we noticed a significant difference in the lifestyle, landscape, and culture than what we were used to… and the change was a good one. For example, the Spaniard schedule seems calm and chill compared to the hasty, stressful American one. Yet even if you are going to the super market, you are expected to dress nicely. There are SO many candy, ice cream, and bread stores here, and just about every clothing store has sales up to 50% off (yes, we’re in heaven).

One thing that shocked many of us is the fact that, in general, you eat nearly nothing for breakfast, a huge (HUGE.) meal for lunch, and a smaller amount of food for dinner. Our Spanish mothers make sure you eat everything on your plate (they don’t like to waste), so if you prefer light meals, it’s a good idea to say “bien!” to stop the ever-flowing gush of food while she is serving you. Even so, our host mom tends to add an extra spoonful to our plates. Those of us that are still hungry after a meal snack at the Croissanteria Paris, the best pastry store in Salamanca.

Our host mother is so generous and selfless… If she sees you reaching for the water pitcher, she will cease everything she’s doing to assist you. And last but not least, no matter what you do or who you are with, you are always surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Spain.

– The above post was contributed by Caroline Cotten and Bray Koury, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Salamanca, Spain.

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