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4 Tales of Avignon and Cassis

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Over the past three weeks, our group has become really tight. It tells a lot that even though we are allowed to go off on our own and have lots and lots of freedom, we choose to stay together. Our trip to Cassis was the ultimate bonding experience. We all got a place on the beach and sat around talking and snacking and playing games and laughing. I can’t imagine leaving these awesome people behind in less than a week. ISA has forged friendships that will last a lifetime!

-The above post was contributed by Eleanor White, Aix en Provence Summer 1.

Last weekend we went to Avignon and Cassis. Two very unique cities with lots to do and not enough time do it all. In Avignon, we visited the palace where the Pope once lived. Also in Avignon, we saw a Roman aqueduct passing over a cold river, which we swam across. The next day, we went to Cassis, another beautiful city with an incredible landscape. We stood at the top of a mountain which overlooked the city and the beach. Despite the fact that the water was painfully cold, we had lots of fun at the beach.Later that day, we had a boat ride, which went along the coast. Avignon and Cassis were two great cities with lots to see and do! My only wish is that we could’ve stayed there longer.

-The above post was contributed by Sebastian Andrade, Aix en Provence Summer 1.

This past weekend, our group made stops at both Avignon and Cassis. Avignon was a beautiful city in which the Pope’s used to reside in the late 14th century. After an informative tour of the castle, we were free to explore Avignon as we pleased. In the middle of our lunch, a group of performers in medieval dress began a short skit right in front of us, after which they handed out fliers advertising the big theater festival that was to take place in the near future. Our curiosity having been spiked, we decided to adventure around the rest of Avignon and were not disappointed. All around us, street performers showed off their talents, which ranged from dancing to magic tricks. We were so interested that we lost track of time! After running to the bus, we made traveled about 40 minutes to the Pont du Gard, where we swam in the beautiful (albeit freezing) water.

Cassis was equally as impressive as Avignon. We spent the entire afternoon lazing about on the picturesque beach before taking a boat ride around the bay. Although we got soaked from the front of the boat, we got to see sights I never knew could be so breathtaking. I hope I get to return to both of those places sometime in my life!

-The above post was contributed by Alexis Ferrante, Aix en Provence Summer 1.

For one of our weekend excursions we visited a small fishing and beach town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea called Cassis.It was a very quaint town with colorful authentic buildings and many cafes and restaurants. The town holds a bay where there are many boats ranging from fishing boats to small wooden boats. During our day there we took a boat ride to the Calanques, small inlets in the cliffs along the coast. The boat was kind of small and we got splashed with water as we went over the choppy waves. The Calanques themselves were beautiful. The water was a bright aqua color and very clear. In the inlets there were many people sunbathing on the flat rocks and swimming next to small beaches. Overall, the visit to Cassis was very enjoyable and it was a stunning part of France to visit.

-The above post was contributed by Georgie Lellman, Aix en Provence Summer 1.

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