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My first impression of Peru

When I first arrived at the Cusco airport, I suddenly noticed that no one spoke english. It wasn’t bad though, the ISA HS leaders were there yelling my name right when I got my luggage so I knew where to go. What I noticed first first about Cusco was the air. It felt a lot thinner and it almost tasted a little different too. Another thing I noticed was the mountains. It’s beautiful and they cannot be captured in a picture. I also noticed that the people here in Cusco are very friendly and will always hold a conversation with you if you can even speak a little Spanish. They are very patient and want you to learn. When I first arrived at the ISA HS office, I felt very light headed, which is completely normal. I kept drinking water and tea, which kept me hydrated and helped the altitude sickness a lot.

-The above post was contributed by Madison Bland, Cusco Summer 1 2014.

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