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Experiencing Madrid

The first stop on our long trip through Spain was the beautiful city of Madrid. Madrid was very big, and the weather was extremely nice, almost every day. Anthony’s first impression of Madrid was that it was very populated, and full of very nice people. Nicholas´ first impression of Spain was kind of like New York just not as crowded. Alex’s first impression was that Madrid was very smelly and I was impressed because of the culture differences down the streets.

The food in Madrid was different then the things we would eat in the United States. It was surprising to see that there was a McDonald’s and Starbucks in Madrid, things we would eat and drink in the USA. Some foods we like in Madrid was the Tapas and the O.J. was super fresh every time we got it for a drink. The things we did not like to eat was the cheese and the tuna and tomato dish.

The clothing in Madrid is more uptight then in America. You can’t wear play clothes to school. To us the clothes are sometimes tight, heavy, and itchy.

We enjoyed Madrid so much that we can’t wait to see other places such as Toledo and Seville. We wish we could go back and relive the experience and culture in the amazing and beautiful city of Madrid.

-The above post was contributed by: Alex Karl, Nicholas Karl and Anthony Sleiman (Sevilla, Summer 1)

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