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Paris, Monaco or Nice?


Michelle Fr

Although we went to multiple places, including Paris and Monaco, Nice has been my favorite stop so far. It had me hooked from the first glance out the bus window. When coming into Nice, the first thing you see are beautiful houses settled into the hills with a perfect view of a beach. Yet once you begin to roam around the city, you quickly realize the place is as amazing as the people living there. There are musicians at almost every corner strumming away on their instruments amidst the sound of people laughing and enjoying themselves at the beach. We may stayed only one night, but it will always be one of my favorites.

Our ISA HS group arrived in Nice on July 5th, and spent the day walking around the city. At first we were shown the beach, and then we were allowed to walk around alone and explore. As beautiful as the beach is, the rocks can be a bit uncomfortable to lay on, but in the long run it’s still an amazing place to go look at! The ocean is a bright blue and it’s really nice to walk around the boardwalk. While walking, you’ll often see musicians sitting on a bench, playing a guitar or other instrument. Next to them will be people reading, gazing upon the ocean, or having animated conversations with friends. Continuing into the heart of the city, there are many amazing shops that are worth taking a peek in, along with delicious restaurants and a very cute park next to the train tracks. My favorite part, though, was most likely climbing up on some rocks at the end of the beach before the sun went down and getting an AMAZING view of the whole beach and with a beautiful sunset in the distance. After the sun goes down, the beach becomes 10 times better in my opinion. Almost all of the people leave, and there are just little groups of friends enjoying themselves, eating and laughing. There is a much clearer view of the beach and the entire scene becomes much more calming and peaceful. Although I wish we could’ve stayed longer, this trip was definitely a memorable experience and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I have!

-The above post was contributed by Michelle Leitman.

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