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Salve from Italy!

florence funny2 plane rides and 24 hours later and we have arrived in the beautiful city of Florence! With the help of Daniele and friendly locals we have explored and familiarized ourselves with the best cafés and shops! From climbing hundreds of steps and reaching the top of the Duomo to watching World Cup games in our hostel, the week has been filled with new experiences, new people, and excitement. 

 With a new city comes a new language, we wake up every morning with an amazing Italian class. Giuliano, the worlds most animated Italian teacher, teaches us everything from introducing ourselves to ordering at a restaurant, something everyone needs to know being surrounded by so many amazing foods. Getting to know our way around Florence was a big part of the first week. Many of us got lost and caught up in all the beautiful streets of Florence but at the end of the day we learned from our mistakes.

Altogether, living in Florence is incomparable to the US with it’s foods, culture and society…

The above post has been contributed by Eve Favia, Samantha Simpson and John Van Marle-Florence, Italy 2014.

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