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Cooking Typical Spanish Dishes

The following post has been contributed by Alexandra Clots-Malaga, Spain  Summer 1 2014.

On Tuesday we had an awesome cooking class led by our very own Iker. It was even cooler for me because it was on my birthday also! We learned how to make gazpacho (cold soup) and Tortilla Española (basically a Spanish omelet). They weren’t as hard to make as I had thought. For the gazpacho, we just had to cut up vegetables, add a few other ingredients, and blend them. I had never tried gazpacho before, but it was delicious. For the tortilla Española we cooked potatoes and onions and then added eggs. The tortilla was similar to an omelet and also good. Both dishes are classic Spanish foods, easy to make, and delicious. After cooking, we tried our food and then had some cake to celebrate my birthday. We had so much fun goofing around while also learning to cook classic Spanish dishes. Although I was made fun of for failing to slice onions the correct way (to which I would still respond that there is no correct way) as well as cracking an egg on the table, I still had a great time. ¡Gracias por un gran día, Iker!Clase de Cocina - Alexandra Clots (3)

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