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Meet Scarlet!

Hello everyone! My name is Scarlet Bliss and I will be doing a social media blog for my ISA HS trip to Costa Rica this summer. I am beyond excited for the trip! I live in a small town called Goshen in western Massachusetts, and I go to school in Northampton, Mass, which is the larger town nearby. I am a rising sophomore there at Northampton High School, and ever since I did an exchange program to Mexico last spring, I’ve wanted to travel abroad again. I stayed with a host family and went on trips with my group each day, and all I can say is that I learned more Spanish in those two weeks than I have in this entire year after the trip. Something about immersion gives you a sense of a culture and language that no Spanish teacher in the U.S. can do. So the moment I discovered ISA HS after weeks of searching for programs for this summer, I knew that Costa Rica was the right trip for me. I am truly looking forward to meeting new people, taking classes, exploring rain forests and cities and learning more of the language. I’ll be sharing my experiences with you as I go, so keep reading in the next few weeks, and ¡vamos a Heredia!

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