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Meet Finlay, one of our featured bloggers!

Hello y’all! My name is Finlay Scanlon and I’m a 15 year old from Austin, Texas. I spent my year attending the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA), which is the magnet program at LBJ High School. But I’ve always felt like there was more to learning then sitting in a classroom, so I applied to come to Shanghai, China with ISA HS this summer. FinlayEver since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by Chinese culture, by it’s immense history, and it’s delicious food! I’ve also studied Chinese language outside of school for a while, but have never been immersed in it entirely. So this trip seemed to be the answer to all my dreams, and it was just one 14 hour plane ride and a Customs check away. What I really hope to get out of this adventure is an expanded knowledge of the Chinese language, and an eye-opening experience about China, it’s people, it’s places and it’s history. I will of course document this extraordinary trip with photos and blog posts, which you can read about on ISA HS’s various social media sites.


Finlay Scanlon


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