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Meet Eden, one of our featured bloggers!

Eden S
Hi! My name is Eden Shemuelian, and I will be guiding you through my journey in Costa Rica for the next four weeks. I am from Calabasas, California, and no, I am not friends with the Kardashians. I am 16 years old, and this upcoming year I will be a junior at Calabasas High School. Calabasas High School is your typical high school, with drama, cliques, stress, and memories, but I am lucky enough to have a great group of friends, and so far , I am having a pretty good high school experience. A few reasons why I chose to study abroad in Costa Rica were to get away from the drama, cliques, and stress, and find a way to make new memories, discover myself, and leave a footprint in this world. Plus, Costa Rica is GORGEOUS. What other country can you go to and be surrounded with such beautiful greenery and exotic wildlife all around you. I am hoping to fully understand and immerse myself in a new culture and learn about the different ways of life that exist around the world, because indeed, there is a life beyond my “Calabasas bubble.” I am looking forward to giving back to the Costa Rican community and put my spanish speaking knowledge to use. I cannot wait to see what these next 4 weeks have to offer.

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