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Breathtaking view of Toledo!

Before Toledo I saw many pictures of the city and already knew I was going to love it. Little did I know that the city was going to take my breath away. The outskirt of the city is surrounded by a flowing river with many ruins that have never been restored. It was an amazing first impression of the city and I was immediately hooked. The already busy city was even more alive in the night time. It seemed as if the people multiplied once the sun went down. The night life is just as beautiful as the day because there are more people to see and more activities to do. I wish that we did not have to leave so soon.

The ISA Sevilla group was in Toledo for a day on the 14th. During that time we saw many ruins, beautiful landmarks, and presence of culture all throughout Toledo. Toledo was once home to the King and Queen of Spain, Isabel and Fernando. The city was also once the capital of Spain but then to Madrid. The time we had in Toledo was unforgettable, we learned many new things and also learned about the culture of Toledo. Our tour brought us to the Iglesia de Santo Tomé which held the famous painting by Greco, the name of the painting was El entierro del Conde de Orgaz, or in English The Burial of the Count Orgaz. Although we were in a very crowded room, the painting was still breathtaking. This along with many other monuments represented Toledo in the best way possible. Aside from the massive monuments and the incredible museums, our favorite part of the city was the shops that lined the streets all throughout downtown. The narrow streets and small local businesses gave Toledo a quiant appearance unlike any other city. Toledo was an amazing experience and we hope that people are able to take time out of their life to get to know the real Toledo.

-Avery Schlemmer:

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