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Top 7 Reasons to Study Abroad in High School


When people think about study abroad, they often focus on studying abroad in college. But why wait? Here are our top seven reasons to study abroad in high school:

1. Make new friends-
One of our favorite takeaways from study abroad is the friendships you’re sure to form while overseas. The connections you will make with locals and fellow international students alike will last a lifetime!

2. College Applications-
Only one percent of high school students in the United States study abroad. A study abroad experience on your application shows that you are more open minded, mature, and unique individual. Having a study abroad experience to list on your college applications will automatically set you apart!

3. Discover Your Interests-
While studying abroad, you will discover new passions and hobbies at every turn. Maybe your Italian cooking class inspires your passion for the culinary arts or you fall in love with ballroom dancing after your salsa class in Costa Rica. What you learn on your program can help you decide what you want to study in college and more

4. Global Perspective-
With a growing global network of potential employees, employers are looking for individuals with the ability to connect with and understand people from all over the world. Studying abroad teaches you to connect with others with backgrounds different from your own and to be understanding of another culture.

5. Gain Independence-
Going abroad without your parents is a huge step towards independence, and one you will not soon regret. A structured study abroad program will allow you to gain the confidence and skills needed to help you succeed in college and beyond.

6. Get College Credit-
On completion of your ISA-HS program, you will receive a transcript from an accredited international university in your host country that an apply to your transcript at a future U.S. university.

7. Learn Another Language-
Learning the names of fruits and vegetables is far more fun when you are actually ordering them in a French market. You learn languages faster and better while immersed in a study abroad program.


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