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Meet Matt Guarino: ISA-HS Global Ambassador and Traveler of Spain

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Hi, my name’s Matt Guarino. I’m from Walpole, MA and I am a junior at St. Sebastian’s School, a private school just outside of Boston. At St. Sebastian’s, I’m on the soccer and wrestling teams, and am a member of a few different clubs, one of which being the International Club.

I was introduced to ISA-HS through my high school’s International Club, and gained interest in the program when an ISA-HS Representative came to visit my school during my freshman year. Although I knew studying abroad would be a great opportunity to practice my Spanish, I was really drawn in by the idea of going to a different country on my own, with a group of students I had never met before.

The summer after my freshman year I was able to go to Santander, Spain for 2-weeks. I enjoyed the program so much that I decided to go back the summer after my sophomore year for the 1-month program in Sevilla. Both cities had a lot to offer in terms of culture and sightseeing. However, what made my trips most memorable were my onsite Resident Directors.

On one of my excursions, we visited the city of Granada. Granada, like Santander and Sevilla, has a lot to see, including the famous “La Alhambra”. Although there are many great memories I have from my time in Spain, spending time with my group is what stands out the most. During the weekend trips, we would spend a lot of our free time just wandering the city and checking out the shops and the main plazas. Even in our host city, we would spend almost all of our time together and we could always find something new to do.

Traveling with ISA-HS is obviously a great learning opportunity. But when you look back on your time in Spain, you probably won’t remember every cultural detail, but you’ll always remember the people you met and the memories you made with them.


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