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10 Benefits of doing an alternative Spring Break

turtle day 4

1. Gain invaluable International volunteer experience saving turtles
2. Make new friends
3. Get out of the US for a week and disconnect
4. Have content to write about for your college essays
5. Take pictures of you on a beach in Costa Rica
6. Beef up your resume
7. Get a tan
8. Network, ISA (our parent organization) is affiliated with over 330 US Universities
9. Get an Internship with ISA-HS when you finish your program
10. Most importantly, have fun!

Who says you can’t have fun and make a difference on Spring Break?  This week-long adventure takes you to an isolated beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, where you’ll join in on conservation efforts to protect the Leatherback sea turtle during their nesting season.  It is estimated that if the current rate of decline is not stopped, these beautiful creatures will be extinct within 20 years.  Other than having ridiculous amounts of fun, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as you accompany conservation park staff on night patrols, tag and measure nesting female sea turtles, collect eggs, construct safe hatcheries, monitor temperature and humidity levels at the hatcheries, collect data, relocate nests from the beach to the park, and participate in marking and cleaning the beach.
For more information, prices and dates:
We are now accepting applications for our 2014 Spring Break programs:

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