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Granada: A Blend of History & Beauty

Sevilla GroupThe following post was contributed by Bethany Ochs, who participated in the Sevilla 2013 program.

On our excursion to Granada, I was completely blown away by the beauty, culture, and history involved in such an amazing city. The incredible views from the Mirador de San Nicolas were a great way to start off our weekend. We gazed at the entire city as the sun set, turning the sky into a striking orange. Granada’s vast mountains may have kept us in shape, but they never stopped us from enjoying the tapas, shopping and sights.

That weekend we experienced our very first Flamenco show, sitting so close to the dancers we could feel the heat and sweat of their bodies as they poured their hearts into their stomping rhythm. Learning about such a unique art made us sink even deeper into the Spanish culture so that after leaving the show we decided to come up with some Flamenco moves of our own, no doubt entertaining every Spaniard on the street with our awkward movements.

We were also fortunate enough to visit one of Spain´s largest and most beautiful palaces, La Alhambra. Each room was specifically dedicated to the Muslim king’s liking: hand-made wood carvings, colorful mosaic windows, and even small fountains centered in each room to represent the importance of life from water. Every room was better than the last and it seemed to never end. The palace was one thing but it didn’t stop there; the gardens had an entire life of their own. Intricately trimmed hedges created a maze through which every turn brought about a new arrangement of flowers or trees.

Granada is a perfect example of how Spain’s beauty is intertwined with its history. To make it even better, the streets were filled with tiny shops. Leather bags, bracelets, pants, candles, wallets, key chains, and even shoes–Granada had it all. This way we were able to take some of its beauty with us to share with friends and family back home.

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