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Exploring the Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica

INBioparque The following post has been contributed by Bridget Coonan, Anya Quenon, Ella Queen, and Cecilia Bouska, who participated in Heredia Global Impact 2013.

The INBioparque (National Institute of Biodiversity) was a great way to see all that Costa Rica has to offer in an enclosed environment. We were able to learn about a variety of flora and fauna and ecosystems that exist all around the country, and it felt as if we were truly in the jungles of Costa Rica.

One of the first animal species we saw was a sloth high in the trees, which was a great way to start our experience. Soon after, we saw a beautiful bird with long elegant tail feathers. We saw many more of them throughout the day, which only added to the feeling of being a part of a tropical rainforest ecosystem. Other animals we saw at INBioparque included caimans, turtles, iguanas, tarantulas, snakes, poison dart frogs, and butterflies that would land on our fingers! The vegetation was not to be overlooked. The rainforest had many different species of flowers, fungi, trees, and brush that were just as fascinating as the animals. For example, we leaned about a tree that was slowly being killed by a parasitic tree!

Overall, we had a blast and learned a lot at INBioparque, and we will hopefully get to go back someday!

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