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Pato, Pato, Gancho!

Contributed by Abby Relf, Rebecca Oser, & Natasha Timmons-Heredia Global Impact 2013.

Over the past week we have been volunteering at an elementary school about 20 minutes from the U-Latina in Heredia. Every morning we meet at the university around 8 and ride the bus to the school to begin our day’s work.

At the school, El Jardin de Niños, our work includes painting some of the walls that are in need of a paint job and interacting with the kids, ages 4-6. Every day this  past week, we spent a few hours painting the outer walls of the school a soft yellow that brightens the building. It’s exciting to come in each day and see the progress we’ve made and our hard work paying off. After a few coats, the walls have begun to look pretty good.DSC08809

On Wednesday, we attended a festival at the school for students and their families to celebrate the national holiday, the Annexation of Guanacaste. We watched the kids, all dressed up, dance around with horses they made themselves. Some of the kids recited bombas (typical sayings for the holiday) and they were so cute! Following the festival we went back to work.

On Friday, we played games with the kids, such as pato, pato, gancho (duck, duck, goose), taught the kids colors in English through a coloring activity, and ate some ice cream. The kids were all so friendly and excited to play with us. Being able to interact with the kids was a highlight of our volunteering experience.

It’s been a very rewarding week, filled with lots of hard work and coming home covered in paint that wouldn’t come off no matter how hard we tried! We are happy that we have been able to impact the community, and we are excited to get back to work for our second week.

Peace out and PURA VIDA!!!


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