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A Visit to Normandy, An Insightful Revelation

Normandy Cemetary

The following post was written by Carly Crump from Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, Florida. She participated in Angers Summer 2 2013.

Sunday, the group traveled with the rest of CIDEF four hours north of Angers to Normandy. I would have to say that this excursion tied with St. Malo/Mont St. Michel as my favorite excursion, despite the fact this excursion began at 6 in the morning!

Originally, coming into France, I expected to hear some harsh, negative comments directed towards Americans. Luckily, my experience here has proved me wrong, and what I saw in the American Cemetery in Normandy just affirmed that the American and French are not so different after all. Walking through the white crosses was such a humbling and eye opening experience, and realizing that so many people lost their lives in order to end a war is an incredible thought to process.

Fun fact: the American Cemetery in Normandy is an American territory, which represents the undeniable link created between France and the United States even through the bloodshed in World War II. Seeing this makes France seem just a little closer to home, a little less different.

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