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The Arab Baths: An escape from Sevilla

arab bathsAlex Nichols-Sevilla 3-Week July 2013

Our trip to the Arab Baths was an amazing experience, as it was so different than anything I had ever done before. Throughout most of the trip, our morning activities have been purely educational. Although we always have a great time with these activities, we were so excited when we heard we were branching out and visiting the Arab Baths. Walking into a building with peaceful music and a calm setting immediately took us out of Sevilla and into a whole different world.

Upon entering the changing room, we were given our own locker with little booties to wear, so as not to dirty the floor. They looked really funny, and we all thought we looked like giant babies. As we made our way through the main entrance to the baths, the workers there provided us with drinks and snacks. We then went into the main Arab Bath, which was the size of a swimming pool. It was the perfect temperature…I actually felt like I was in a giant bath tub! There were also two other hot and cold baths adjoined to the main one for us to alternate between, in order to relax our muscles. The sauna was so steamy that we could not even see one another while we were in it. To top it all off, we even got a fifteen minute massage. I was so excited when it was finally my turn! I had never gotten a massage before, but I definitely want to get more of them. The worst part of the trip was hearing my massage had ended.

The two and a half hours at the Arab Baths was so much fun, and it was one of my favorite activities of the trip. I will definitely be looking for Arab Baths in Houston when I return home!

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