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Oh, to be a kid again!

The following blog post was contributed by Anna Dang, Lindsey Siff, & Princess Draine- Heredia 2-Week July 2013

The visit to El Museo de los Niños in Heredia was a blast! We mostly stayed in the children’s area, but there was an animal farm that displayed the process of hatching chickens and described the typical lifestyles of farm animals such as geese, cows, goats, and much more. Next to the farm display, there was a bubble section. After waiting in line, we blew bubbles with a group of laughing children. Seeing the huge smiles on their faces was an amazing experience.

Overall, the Museo de los Niños is a kid’s dream come true. It combines learning about important subjects such as space and the environment with fun interactive activities. Every child would love exploring this exciting museum and every parent would love how much their children learn from all of the exhibits. Even for us teenagers, we learned while having the time of our lives and remembering how much fun it is to be a kid!Museo de los Ni;os

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