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My Birthday in Sevilla

IMG_1865At first I was disappointed not being able to spend my 16th birthday at home with my family and friends, but it turned out to be an amazing experience! In the morning we took a group tour to the Metropol Parasol and visited the Roman ruins underneath. We went all the way to the top of the monument and enjoyed a beautiful view of the city. It was so cool seeing a building that is so different than everything else in Sevilla. After we toured the Metropol, we came back to the LPI office and our directors, Sara and Mauri, surprised me with a home made Spanish birthday cake! It was completely different than any other cake I’ve ever had and it tasted incredible. After eating cake I opened a birthday package from home. Not only did it have a few presents, but it also contained some delicious candy to hold us over during siesta time.IMG_1864

Later that night, there was a surprise scheduled for us. Our directors took us to an outdoor restaurant along the river to meet up with another language abroad group for pizza! It was so fun being able to talk to another program about their experiences in Sevilla and compare it to ours. Some Sevillian teenagers also came and hung out with us. All of them were really nice, welcoming and willing to put up with our mediocre Spanish. It was fun being able to see how different their lives were from ours in America. After we finished our pizza, our group and the other language abroad group walked around the city and saw all the buildings and bridges light up for the night. As always, it was beautiful and the weather was perfect. When curfew approached, I came home to my host family who surprised me with yet another delicious birthday cake. As you can tell, my 16th birthday in Spain was pretty amazing and one I am sure to remember for a very long time.IMG_1860

Madelyn Richards-LPI Sevilla 3-Week July 2013

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