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We drove into Nerja, gazing at the beautiful ocean through the glass windows of the bus. First, we arrived at the Nerja Caves to explore the inhabitants of our predecessors. As we crept into the depths of the cave, we gawked at our surroundings. An earthquake 800 years ago shook the stalagmites of the caves, ameliorating its beauty and creating the largest column of the world, standing at 35 meters high. With our tour-guide headphones at hand, we discovered the enthralling and intrinsic history of the caves.Nerja Caves

Our journey continued to Nerja’s world-renowned beaches. We were instantly entranced by the crystal-clear water and picturesque landscape. The rich brown sand provided necessary relief from the scalding pavement of the city streets, and the locals of the beaches welcomed us with open arms as we bodysurfed the Mediterranean waves. For lunch, a beach side restaurant provided much needed shade for our sunburned bodies, and the food didn’t disappoint either. We watched soccer games and bocce ball on the beach and ate authentic Spanish cuisine. To finish off a perfect day, we walked around town, ate some ice cream and explored the local scenery.Nerja Beaches

The whole experience was remarkable. Nerja, you will never be forgotten.

This article has been contributed by Vihar Desu from the Newark Academy in Livingston, NJ & Ben Garcia from Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham, AL. Vihar and Ben participated in LPI Sevilla Summer 1 2013.

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