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Second Impressions: Málaga

It is week two and Málaga is still the perfect city. Not only is the beach beautiful, but the ambiance of this antique city is mesmerizing. There is so much to see and experience, whether it is on Segways, boat rides, in hamster balls, or by just walking. The people here uphold the Spanish culture, especially the host families. After the second week we have become fully adjusted to life here, and it is hard to believe that our amazing life experience will be ending in just two weeks. It will be hard leaving behind the great gelato, the amazing baked goods, the rebajas, and of course, our new friends that we will have forever. The memories that we have already made and will continue to make, will last a lifetime.

The top ten things that we have seen thus far in Málaga have been an aerial view of Málaga, the sunset on the port, street performers, the Greek restaurant, Plaza Constitutional, Plaza de Merced, Plaza de Marina, botanical gardens, pull and bear, and Bershka. The aerial view of Málaga was by far the most magnificent. We were able to see the sea, the bull ring, the city, and much more. It looks just like the pictures on Google, yet no picture is able to do it justice.

Alison Robinson, Katherine Koller, & Kayden Freer- LPI Malaga Summer 2 2013

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