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Madrid: Museos y Mercados!

We arrived in Madrid Thursday afternoon excited to explore Spain! After meeting our guides Sara and Mauri, we took a bus ride to our hotel which was right next to a beautiful train station. Sara and Mauri gave us time to explore the city so Dorothy and I found a little cafe and had iced Frappuccinos with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream on top. It was delicious! We took a panoramic tour of Madrid in a bus, seeing rotatories with iconic status of Greek gods in the middle of fountains. My favorite was Neptune because he had a big horse-drawn carriage in front of him.Maddy in Madrid

The next day after a huge breakfast buffet in the hotel, we met our tour guide, Alfonso, who guided us through El Museo del Prado.  We saw many famous paintings I´ve learned about in school by Velazquez, Goya, and el Greco. Alfonso took us through little streets where famous authors and poets lived, and we stopped at La Plaza Mayor which is a huge square filled with restaurants and street performers. We shopped and ate ice cream (necessary in this heat!) near La Puerta de Sol which is the center of Madrid. At night we explored more near La Plaza Mayor and found an amazing food market named El Mercado de San Miguel that reminded me of the Chelsea food market in New York City. It is a big glass building with lots of stands selling fish, meat, pastries, and drinks which all looked delicious. We tried to save our appetite for dinner, but Dorothy and I ended up sharing two balls of arancini, a mushroom quiche, and a raspberry yogurt cup. Madrid was a fun city to explore the first few days, and the next morning we went to our next stop, Toledo.Mercado de San Miguel

Madeleine Chase-LPI Sevilla 3-Week July 2013


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