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Bastille Day in Angers

As Bastille Day neared closer, we all we were all excited about celebrating the French Independence Day like the locals. Most of us met in the main square at 8 full of anticipation. Splitting off into smaller groups we went out to dinner. Carly, Lizzy, Harrison and I went out to dinner with some locals we had met earlier in the week, while Lauren, Davis, Maia, and Flora went out for crepes. After eating dinner and hanging out in the downtown area for a bit we got back together and followed the crowd of people which slowly flowed towards the banks of the Main, where boats were floating down the river in preparation to shoot off fireworks.

Upon arrival I was overwhelmed by the amount of people gathered there; far beyond more people than I have ever seen gathered for 4th of July fireworks. I felt like we were part of the town as we got ice cream and took a seat on the ground, surrounded by thousands of Angers natives. The crowd cheered as the impressive fireworks display commenced. It was the closest I have ever been to a fireworks display; I was sitting on the river banks just 30 meters away from where the fireworks were shot off! After the fireworks display finished (no doubt with a great finale) we pushed our way through the crowds and met up with Manon to take taxis home. As expected, taxi service on Bastille Day was not exactly punctual, but in all it was a great night and it was great to be able to participate in an event alongside the locals.

Haley Richards- Angers Summer 2 2013


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  1. Sarah Noonberg #

    sounds like a fabulous night

    July 19, 2013

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