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A Cultural Blend of Past and Present

While in Granada, much of our time has been spent exploring and uncovering the secrets of Spain’s incredibly fascinating history. Fortunately, we have also had several opportunities to experience the current culture derived from this illustrious past. Here is the intense face of a powerful, yet beautifully elegant Flamenco dancer. The Flamenco, more than just a popular dance, is an astonishing representation of the blend of past cultures that have strongly influenced the existence of the Spanish culture of today.

Flamenco dancer

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel outside of Granada and visit similarly magnificent cities in Spain, one of which was Ronda. Ronda, small as it may be, is home to glorious architecture that truly reflects the past Muslim influence on the Spanish culture. We learned about the engineering processes of the past with water transferring as well as gazed upon breathtaking natural views. Here, accompanied by splendid and historically significant scenery, is the “Old Bridge” of Spain.

old bridge

I like to think that we are not just coming to Spain to visit, but that we are trading a part of ourselves for a part of Spain. Here, in Ronda’s La Plaza de Toros, I am leaving a part of myself in Spain. In exchange, this trip is allowing me to have this wonderful adventure  while completely immersing myself into another culture. These are unforgettable and life changing experiences that I will bring back home and keep with me forever.Plaza de Toros-Craig

Craig Joiner-Granada 2-Week July 2013

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