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We all sat in the room, completely nervous. Who were these kids? Were they going to be really weird or were they going to be cool and fun to talk to? The room was silent as we walked into a room full of Spanish teens. We all looked at each other, trying to get a feel of how it would go.

After separating into small mixed groups with both Spanish and American teens, we got started with our Intercambio. Even though no one wanted to talk first, someone finally did and it picked up from there. We were only allowed to speak Spanish, and they were only allowed to speak English. THAT was interesting. I’m sure our broken Spanish was much more entertaining than their broken English. It was a learning experience for everyone. We each had a paper full of questions to ask other people in the room, but at a certain point we didn’t need to use the papers as an excuse to talk to each other, we just did. Learning about Spain through a teenager’s eyes is completely different than learning through a tour guide’s eyes. They told us about the best ice cream in town, where not to get food, and where they usually hang out. By the end, everyone was Facebook friends or following each other on Twitter and Instagram.

After being forced to socialize with each other, we decided that we actually liked hanging out. Since then many of us have gone to get ice cream, gone swimming with them, and have done lots of other fun things with the locals. That day proved that teenagers in other countries are just like us, we just have to take a moment to get to know them.

Sierra Morris-Granada 2-Week July 2013

LPI Granada students interact with local teens

LPI Granada’s intercambio with Spanish teens

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  1. April Morris #

    That sounds like it was a great experience for all involved! I loved reading your article.

    July 17, 2013

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