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Local Perspectives on Italian Food

Food is a daily part of life in Italy, the U.S., and countries all around the world. Italy’s massive portions supply its people with loads of energy for long days of work, along with numerous calories to fuel their daily commute. America’s culinary priorities lie in an indulgent state, poised to fuel the mind rather than the body. Both countries, with countless delicious foods that aim for different goals, have succeeded in satisfying our taste buds.

The biggest question that plagued us at first was “Why aren’t Italian people overweight from eating all of this food?” The answer was soon discovered after walking around Rome and Florence during the first week of our trip. With our daily commute burning off almost all of our breakfast and lunch, the group has become grateful for our large portion dinners, and we will even throw in a pizza or two after a long day. As everyone has begun to explore the countless shops and restaurants that Florence offers, we’ve realized that Italian cuisine presents beautiful plates of pasta, meat, and countless tasteful meals in which we can indulge.

While authentic Italian pizza and pasta has been quite impressive and delicious, the high salt content thriving in most dishes leaves everyone with a sweet tooth. To cure this, we have resorted to the perfection that is gelato. It might be the one thing keeping this group alive, as eating it is a nightly tradition that we all look forward to.

– The above post was contributed by Karl Hatten, Nathan Sonnenberg, and Sam Tobio who studied in Florence, Italy in 2013.

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